Greater Metropolitan Rainforest

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shouldn't they call that a dare?

Seattlest travelled to Ballard and snapped a picture of a lutefisk eating contest. What could one possibly win that would make eating that much lutefisk worthwhile?


An unpleasant sound

KEXP overnight DJ Greg Jaspan was kicked to the curb on July 19th, and he has a few things to say about it. Here's just one quote from an extremely long interview:

I was told that as a sign of "KEXP's appreciation of my work," they wanted to extend to me a severance package of eight weeks pay and that all I had to do was sign the agreement form. The agreement form was five pages of legal jargon which basically said that if I say anything to the press that reflects poorly on KEXP in any way, to be determined at the sole discretion of KEXP, that it would constitute a breach of the agreement and in such case they reserved the right to recoup every penny of this severance pay from me and sue me for damages.

For the record, Jaspan didn't take the hush money.


Savage and the winning team

The Stranger's Dan Savage has an op-ed piece in Sunday's New York Times about the Washington state Supreme Court's decision to let marriage discrimination stand.

These defeats have demoralized supporters of gay marriage, but I see a silver lining. If heterosexual instability and the link between heterosexual sex and human reproduction are the best arguments opponents of same-sex marriage can muster, I can’t help but feel that our side must be winning. Insulting heterosexuals and discriminating against children with same-sex parents may score the other side a few runs, but these strategies won’t win the game

Check it out: It's titled Same-Sex Marriage Wins by Losing.

Some good news happened on Wednesday

Idiot court decisions had us gnashing our teeth on Wednesday to the point where we missed the silver lining in local sports news. Actually, if we were to be perfectly honest we would have overlooked the sports news even on a regular day.

Via Seattlest, we learn that Carl Everett, the Mariner's designated dumb jock, was given the heave-ho. It wasn't so much his quotes about dinosaurs ("didn't exist") or his bizarre statements about gays ("gays being gay is wrong"), but for the fact that he was just really starting to suck at playing baseball. Or at least that's what we think they're saying.

Oh, well. Perhaps he can join John Rocker wherever he's batting these days.


Ethicurean: Everybody must get doned!

"Doned" defined as "the consumption of milk and donuts," and its similarly stupefying effect. The gentle and sustainable folk at The Ethicurean decided to head out in the midst of last weekend's hellish heat wave and perform a donut duel. Subjects of this sugary three-way include local favorites Mighty-O and Top Pot and national glazed behemoth Krispy Kreme. The winner probably won't surprise you, but the writing is entertaining enough to make the journey more fulfilling than the destination.


Steam: The other white heat

Seattle Steam Corporation
Originally uploaded by Mr. Boutwell.

You pay your gas bill, your water bill and your electric bill. There's the cable bill, the phone bill and then usually an add-on to one or the other is the Internet bill. When was the last time you paid a steam bill?

People don't quite believe you when you bring it up, but steam is a real and regulated public utility. Running beneath the streets in many of America's older major cities, including Seattle, are pipes delivering fresh, hot steam to large office buildings, hotels and apartments.

According this post at, the Seattle Steam Company (plant door pictured above) has been delivering natural gas-created steam through its 18 miles of pipes to Harborview Medical Center, the Seattle Public Library and other clients since 1893.

It's mostly used for heat, though the hospitals find it does nicely for sterilization, too.

Photo of the Day: Seattle Arrival

Originally uploaded by Severis.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Evening Bulletin

Queen Anne residents continue to tantrum about the inevitable.

No matter what happens, a bunch of people are going to be pissed off around 8AM Pacific time.

I had no idea that pay your storage bill every month was something other than bleeding obvious.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Evening Bulletin

From The Stranger: Jamie Pedersen seems to have momentarily forgotten about this thing called the Internet and this other thing called news story archives. Must be something in the water these guys drink, because Mike McGavick can't even go a few days without lying.

Did you know it's hot outside? Seriously.

Seattlest reviews Kaleidoscope Eyes: Songs for Busby Berkeley, a live performance featuring alternate soundtracks to the spectacular scenery of Berkeley's film choreography. If I wasn't currently living in dire financial straits, I'd certainly attend this final weekend.

Photo of the day: Taking the plunge

Originally uploaded by djwudi.

A multiple exposure from someone's Greenlake swin this weekend (sure hope they showered afterward). Seemed appropriate, given the weather.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Greater Metropolitan Rainforest

Seattle From Above
Originally uploaded by Simonds.

I love this picture. You really need to click through and then click "All Sizes" to appreciate it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Picture of the day: Underground Tour

Underground Tour
Originally uploaded by djwudi.

Along with the Space Needle and those amphibious tourbuses, Underground Tour is one of those uniquely Seattle tourism draws that manage to provoke a mixed reaction from the locals. Tourists tend to either like it or become completely irate that they paid eleven bucks for the privelege of walking through a series of basements. I'm not sure what they were expecting. Underground skyscrapers, perhaps?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Around the world in a coffee cup

Coffee is serious business in Seattle, in more ways than one. This is probably the only city outside of New York where I've actually encountered people who will divide up their friends, co-workers or neighborhoods based on the type of coffee they drink.

Now you can out-snob the coffee snobs by further divvying up those demographics on nationality. Are they an adherent to the Italian school of espresso, or perhaps into the 50/50 dilution so favored by Parisians? This handy guide from the Well Fed Network stands ready to assist you in your beverage segregation.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Upcoming: Seattle Black Pride

Queen City carries news of the upcoming Seattle Black Pride weekend. Events take place place July 21 - July 23 as a series of dances, movies and workshops. Catch most events at the Langston Hughes Center; films at the Seattle Asian Art Museum.


How about that mighty big weather

Fountain at Westlake Plaza
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We're in the warming phase now, as the weather widget on my battered iBook shows a current temperature of 81 and promising an eventual high of 84 this afternoon. If you can't make it out to Alki or Golden Gardens to dip your toes in the chilly waters, why not take a stroll through downtown's man-made waterfall at Westlake Park? Yes, through. There's a steel gangway going right through the middle of the fountain. Pomegranite smoothie at Starbucks afterwards is optional, but highly reccomended.

Followup to WA's attempt at regulating online speech

In response to this post: WA wants to control what you write about on the Internet, I raised concerns about the state of Washington's attempts at regulating Internet speech, by asserting that anyone even writing about online gambling would be breaking the state's new law prohibiting the act of online gambling.

In that post, I promised to raise hell. I did my part. I was met with deafening silence.

Sometimes a cause just isn't sexy enough for certain organizations to care -- or, as one group told me, they're not really interested until the state actually attempts to prosecute someone for writing about online gambling.

So it goes.